Your boss will ask how you do it and your co-workers will envy you.

Let these marbles in the jar helped you in being smooth and efficient

I heard of a co-worker who would start his day by putting an empty jar on his left desk and another jar to his right, full of colorful marbles, around 120 marbles.

He would then start calling prospective customers. …

They said that what you want is on the other side of fear, here’s how to remove fear out of the equation (or at least neutralize it).

Fear is crippling to your progress, but it should not be. Number 3 is my favorite

If you’re a marketer and have ever experienced that feeling of fear when it comes to what you want in life (and specially…

These are real life situations that zap your brain

You can rewire your brain

When my kid was younger, like 8 years old, every time I put the fries in his lap for him to eat, I would simultaneously pickup two fries and pop out in my mouth.

That’s without thinking.

That’s how powerful habit is, it’s automatic.

For the past months, I tried…

Katie Seymour, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur, Mom, Scientist. Not necessarily in that order. I blog about productivity/positive thinking. This is my blog/journey to $10k/day as a marketer.

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