“Consistency is key, you heard it before, but that’s only half truth.

Remember my previous article about Gary, my 80-year old neighbor?

I asked Gary why he was still playing the trumpet even though he was retired as a music professor long time ago. It’s been 2 decades since he stopped teaching music in a big Florida university (Go Gators!).

Hi answer: To maintain his lung capacity was his answer and still play competitively. As a side note, I search Gary’s name and it yield results such as “American Composer”, “Musician” among other things.

I know he judges Disney Trumpet competition during the summer, and Disney treats them well. His wife tag along and they are housed in some of Disney’s exclusive hotels.

Anyway, when I asked him “aren’t you bored playing the trumpet after all the years practicing.”

His answer surprised me.

Later though, I’ll tell you what he exactly said.

Our conversation veered towards his health. You see, Gary replaced his hip 2 years ago, and even showed me the pictures of the titanium alloy metal that replaced his bone. (I know, TMI, too much information).

Our conversation would jump from topic to topic, information to information.

But the information that stuck me most was when he said to me that the number one reason why people don’t follow through with New Years resolution is that because they CANNOT STAY consistent.

He said, it’s like me practicing the trumpet. I do it everyday because I have a routine, a habit.

A habit? I said it loudly.

“Yes, same thing with the habit of brushing your teeth.” Gary said.

Gary even revealed to me his ninja tricks how you can make exercising and eating healthy YOUR habit, just like brushing your teeth.

In my next article, I’ll demonstrate exactly that, how to make exercising and eating healthy a habit.

Be Healthy

Kathy Seymour, Ph.D.


How do you eat a whole elephant? I’ll show you next.


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Katie Seymour, Ph.D.

Katie Seymour, Ph.D.


One day, you and I will die. Wake up to that. So I wrote letters. These are my letters to my son Koji