Lessons on being not comfortable

Koji taking a shot

May 4, 2022 Wednesday

Dear Koji,

I am writing this letter to you while I wait outside the gym. You are practicing basketball and extended the practice because the Blaze team is scrimmaging against your team.

Anyway, mommy cried last night because she is torn on going to Boston to work for Pfizer. She wanted to go, but you don’t want to. It’s a hard decision.

Here’s the thing though, there will be decisions in life that are hard and you will not be comfortable.

Remember when you were young and told me you shower with cold water to shock your body. I ask where did you learn that? You told me from Tiktok or YouTube. The point of the exercise is to not be comfortable. This is to prepare you for uncomfortable situation.

Why am I saying to be comfortable with uncomfortable situation? Because these things will happen.

When I moved to Florida to study, I left everything behind: my friends, my parents, my job, my comfortable lifestyle. I didn’t know at that time but I needed the experience in order to move forward.

New level, new devil

Mommy’s going to Boston to work. We are scared, but we are more scared if she doesn’t go.


Mommy and daddy



Emilio Cagmat, MS Exercise Physiology

Ex-Exercise scientist, ‘used to crunch numbers more than potato chips. What changed? My mind. Used psychology instead to weight loss and never looked back