Only Listen To The big Cheese..

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash


In my early years of figuring out to make money, I made a mistake of listening to co-workers who were not better than me.

Elite Athletes have Elite Coaches, So Why Don’t You Have In Your Finance? Why are you listening to your friends and parents. Just saying.

For the past month, I been looking for coaches to scale up my business. I will start investing in my business and hire coaches that will put me up to the next level.

Network and only listen to people who are so much better than you.

It’s been proven, that your net worth is basically the average worth of the people you hang out with.



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Katie Seymour, Ph.D.

Katie Seymour, Ph.D.


One day, you and I will die. Wake up to that. So I wrote letters. These are my letters to my son Koji