What Kyrie Irving’s Shoes Taught Me About Marketing

Psychologists call this Anchoring.

I don’t want to bore you with the theory and technical details but anchoring happens when we cling to something, an idea or a number, in our mind.

Previous Price: $78

Now: $60

The idea is to anchor you mind to the $78 and then shows you a lower price, $60.

Total Value: $1097.00

You can get this today only for only $299

That’s an example of the stack slide, at it came from the idea of anchoring. Anchoring is one of the principle working here, but if you scrutinize the slide, it shows you things that are not related to the stack slide but marketing principle nonetheless.



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Katie Seymour, Ph.D.

Katie Seymour, Ph.D.


One day, you and I will die. Wake up to that. So I wrote letters. These are my letters to my son Koji